Tuesday, June 30, 2009



The Palos Verdes Art Gallery
is debuting their first online art exhibit entitle responsive painting.
with ME Katya Walker and my Artist friend and creator of Allaprimapochade Ben Hagget.
The ability to connect worldwide with the Internet is allowing those all over to see art that could only be seen locally. This new adventure is exciting and inspiring to me as an artist as i want to be able to not only share my art with one person at a time, but to be able to connect and share it's impact with as many as possible as well.
Art to me is the communication of that inner experience we have in our solitary lives, allowing us to share with another the internal experience in a form outwardly, in away no other medium can translate our personal emotions.
Responsive painting, is also about that very experience. It is going beyond Academic paintings, though beautiful, lack that truly personal emotional voice. It is painting that has the foundation of drawing values, skill and study, so that those chosen brushstroke, the chosen colors, the responsive energetic subconscious laying on of paint sends out that emotional vortex that draws you in and gives you a truly visceral gut reaction to the painting in an honest pure real way, not contrived or forced.
So the show is opening online tomorrow on JULY first, and the artwork will be available for sale.

There are also more shows and exhibits planned that I Will be participating in, as well as commissions and a rental gallery as well. I am very excited about this new gallery, and exhibition and I hope you come to not only enjoy it online but bring a responsive painting home.

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